In a world that's now powered by big data and advanced technologies, digital is disrupting everything from business models to entire industries - and impacting organizations - from top to bottom.

To unlock your digital agenda, you need a clear vision of where you are starting from. You need to understand digital across all the component parts of your business and assess the sum of these parts. This gives you essential context to make decisions about all of your digital initiatives, to identify priorities and develop a common digital vision for your organization.

What is the Digital Maturity Check? EY has many tools and capabilities to help you navigate digital, to get started you can use the 2 minute Digital Maturity Check to get a quick understanding of your organization's digital maturity. You’ll get a good idea of how each area of the organization is faring in terms of maturity in isolation and relative to other organizations.

The Digital Maturity Check is an introduction to our more in depth assessment tool, the Digital Readiness Assessment.

To begin your Digital Maturity Check, please enter your details below. We will only use these details to contact you if you give permission once you have viewed the results.